What to Look For in A Lash Artist:

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

How to Pick a Lash Artist:


Please don’t select solely on price. Cheaper almost never equals to better. The price that an artist has set for their services reflect how much they value their time, their education and their work. If they don’t value themselves, what makes you think they value you and your lash health?


Don’t just look at their recent photos, scroll further down and see if you can notice improvements in their work. Sometimes you can get lucky and they will pot their own progress photos. This will tell you that they pride themselves in growing as an artist and putting in the time in to hone their craft.


Pick an artist who can give you what you want. Every lash artist is different. Lash artists are not one size fits all, they usually have a certain look they like to create. It’s like going to a vegetarian restaurant and asking for a steak. You might get a cauliflower steak, but is it the same?


If a friend of your recommends their lash artist to you, you know it’s serious and you should probably get on that ASAP. Nobody is going to go somewhere that sucks, unless they hate you. I’m sure your friend doesn’t hate you.


Message the artist with any questions or concerns. A well educated lash artist will be able to answer all of your questions. If they can’t, they most likely will find the answer and get back to you.

These are just some of the things that should be important when picking a lash artist. What else do you look for?

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