Bridal FAQ

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Is a trial required?

Yes, we do require a makeup trial and hair trial for the bride. A trial ensures that both the bride and makeup artist and/or hair stylist know what is expected on the big day. we prefer to do this the day of the bachelorette party and/or bridal shower. The trial is the same price as the day of service.

Do you have a minimum amount of people required for on location?

Yes, we require six girls.​

How long will the makeup application take?

An on location application is 30-45 minutes depending on false lashes, airbrush, etc.

Will you bring additional MUA for large bridal parties? 

Yes, we have a team of makeup artists who will be able to assist.

Do we travel?

Yes, we specialize in on location! We charge $10/per bridal party within Eau Claire. An additional fee of $1 per mile is required outside of Eau Claire.

Do you work with an on location hair stylist?

Yes, we have hair stylists that we contract.

Why HD Makeup?

HD makeup reflects light, blur imperfections, and creates a flawless look on camera and in photos. High definition cameras have the ability to capture the most lifelike images, however, they also have the ability to reveal every pore and blemish. Makeup that isn't professional HD grade can allow the camera lens to ‘see through’ your makeup to reveal pores, redness, and discoloration.

Why Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup utilizes a small airbrush machine and airbrush foundation. The airbrush machine sprays a very fine mist on the skin pushed through with gentle air pressure from the compressor. Because of the fine misted spray, airbrush makeup provides a flawless coverage, evening out skin’s imperfections while still allowing your skin to breath. The final result gives you a natural, yet very finished and polished look.

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