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An End to a 10 Month Journey; ✌🏼 Out Cancer.

Yesterday was a BIG day for myself, my family, and my businesses...

I FINISHED MY LAST CHEMO TREATMENT!!!!!! My 10 month journey has come to an end.

As I was diagnosed at 32 weeks pregnant with Harlow, I made it my goal to not let our girls know mommy was sick. Their little brains cannot handle the trauma of worrying that their baby sister had to be born early, or that their mommy could pass away...

I sub-compartmentalized having cancer, so much so that many clients didn’t know until recently- or still don’t. I was taken advantage of in such an extreme manor in the beginning of this journey that I was afraid of the judgement— that I wasn’t able to work, that they couldn’t discuss this with me, or that I didn’t hold the same standards.

I appreciate the support, kind messages, and all of the love that’s been given by my clients. You truly have become some of my closest friends— and I value our relationships!

I took a step back and moved into a salon suite, but now that I am healthy, and able to focus my attention back on my business I am ready to begin where I left off. I’ll be moving into a large HQ in Eau Claire with my team, training in multiple cities throughout WI and MN— and killing it all!

It took a village to get here. My in-laws had sleepovers on the days I had treatments. We were already grateful to have lived a few miles away since we were married- this definitely magnified that.

The biggest feat was my hair. As it was almost completely gone, my best friend took the trimmers and buzzed it off. I told a few white lies to the girls- such as “I lost my hair because the doctor said it was bad, but I’ll get new hair.”

My mom took me to almost every treatment or doctor since March. When Jordan or her weren’t able to, Jane and our family friend Steve were able to. Everyone respected my wishes to tell the girls I was having follow up appointments for Harlow, or for my hair growth. I appreciate this more than you’ll ever know.

I speak this from experience- as my father passed away from heart disease when I was 7. Harper, as the oldest, her caregiving soul is extra sensitive to what is going on. I shared a photo from her teacher and Jaime that meant so much to us.

I hope one day our girls will appreciate what we all did to protect their little hearts and reflect on how strong we all are

Thank you 🙏🏼 for your continued thoughts and prayers!

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