Client Aftercare

Eyelash Extensions are a luxury beauty service. They require upkeep daily to maintain the desired results.

1. Wash Daily You should use a washcloth over the sink (while avoiding your eyes) to cleanse your face the first day. After the first 24 hours, please wash your eyelashes daily. This ensures that the health of your natural lashes, and the extensions remains in tact.

​2. Avoid Moisture

The first 24 hours after having eyelash extensions contact with water should be avoided. Excessive sweating, working out, the sauna, or hot tub should be avoided as well. The moisture will cause the bond of the adhesive on the eyelash extension and the natural lash to break.

3. Avoid Oil Around Lashes Avoiding oil based products means ALL products. Facial cleansers, moisturizers, and foundation all have oil in the ingredients. These products seep into our skin. The higher quality of the product typically will ensure less oil.

4. Avoid Touching/Rubbing Lashes Touching the eyelash extensions or rubbing your eyes may be a sub-conscious tendency. Some people even do this in their sleep. The strong motion of your hand, and the oil on pad of your finger will cause the extensions to prematurely detach from your natural lash. The oil breaks the bond of the adhesive.

5. Avoid Sleeping on Lashes Sleeping on your face will cause your eyelash extensions to detach and fall out prematurely. The friction of your face on your pillow and the constant movement throughout the night will cause the bond of your natural lash and extension to break. We do carry facial masks that are domed if you're unable to avoid this. Silk pillow cases are also very helpful.

6. Avoid Extreme Heat You should avoid having your eyes near an oven with the door open, an open grill cover, or standing over a bonfire. The extreme heat will cause your extensions to singe and straighten. When doing tasks as mentioned, turn your head away. Once they are singed, they may be cut but once they straighten they must be removed in order to repair the damage.

7. Avoid Chemical Peels and Facials If you will be receiving a facial or chemical peel-- take caution. You will want to completely avoid the eye area. This will ensure nothing is seeping into that lash line.

8. Use Professional Aftercare Products

We use and carry all of the Bella Lash aftercare products. These include gel and foaming lash cleansers. They remove makeup, daily debris and oil from your eyelash extensions. These products increase natural lash health, and strengthen your lashes.


- Do not use an eyelash curler

- Do not use mascara on volume eyelash extensions

- Avoid cotton on/around eyes

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