Eyelash Extensions

Once you've determined on a style at your consultation, the next step is the application. Your lash artist will be using a teeny-tiny, tweezer-like tool to precisely affix around 160 individual eyelashes to your eyes. They do this by adhering one lash extension onto each of your own natural lashes, one lash at a time. When your natural lash sheds, so does the extension that's attached to it-- that is why they must be touched up every two to three weeks. 

Classic:  One .15 and .18 eyelash extension are attached to your natural lash creating a natural, yet noticeable difference.

Hybrid:  A mix of classic and volume extensions creating more density.

Volume:  Handmade .05 and .07 fans of 5-10 extensions are placed on each natural eyelash.

Mega-Volume:  Handmade .03 fans of 11+ lash extensions are placed on each natural eyelash.