Lash Basics:

There are hundreds of different eyelash extension styles and materials to choose from. The variety of lengths, diabetes, and curls allow each artist to choose the shape and style for their client’s desired look. Before performing a service, determine the shape of your client’s eye and discuss with them their preferred style before selecting the type of eyelash extension.

Mega-Volume Diameters:

In Mega Volume lashing, there are only two diameters that are commonly used:
0.03 & 0.05-0.03mm being the most popular. While 0.06, 0.07, and 0.10 are appropriate for traditional Volume lashing, they are too heavy to create a Mega Volume fan.


The most popular diameter for creating Mega Volume fans. Used to create fans approx. 10D-20D (+/-). This diameter provides a softer, fluffier look, and can be used on very fragile lashes in smaller dimensions. 


The second most popular Mega Volume diameter. Used to create fans approx. 7D-15D (+/-). This diameter provides a more dramatic and blacked out effect, and can be used on any natural lash. Adjust dimension as needed.

Tips & Troubleshooting:


To extend the life of adhesive and maintain its consistency:
Store the bottle in an air-tight container
Keep adhesive in a cool, dry place that does not vary in temperature
Make sure adhesive is not exposed to bright light, heat or moisture

Before Each Use:

  • Shake the bottle for 1-2 minutes

  • Add a Poly-Stop Adhesive Preserver to your jade stone

  • Dispose of the 2-3 drops of adhesive

  • Place 1-2 drops onto the Preserver (or into an adhesive tray or adhesive cup) to work with

After a few drops are placed, hold the bottle right side up to “burp it” by squeezing the sides together. This clears out the spout and sucks the adhesive back into the bottle. After the bottle is “burped,” wipe the nozzle with a Bella Lash adhesive wipe and replace the cap.


Refresh the adhesive drops every 30 minutes to maintain a good consistency (this time will vary if a Poly-Stop is used). Replace the adhesive bottle every 4-6 weeks.


Your adhesive should last up to 4-6 weeks after opening, and about 6 months on the shelf unopened. 

However, you want to make sure your adhesive is performing well on each client. Check that the consistency is normal before each use. Strong smelly fumes, becoming too thick and stringy, or even watery, are signs that adhesive has gone bad. A great way to make sure you’re always using fresh adhesive is to write the ‘open date’ on the bottle. This will help to ensure that you are replacing your adhesive every 4-6 weeks. 

Lash Loss:


If your client’s lashes are falling out more frequently than normal, have them look at the fallen lashes. If the natural lash is attached to the fan, then it is not the adhesive. If the natural lash is not attached, it may be caused by not using enough adhesive, using out-of-date adhesive, the adhesive is curing too fast, not cleansing and priming lashes properly, or the extensions are not fully attached to the natural lash, etc. Always be sure to review aftercare guidelines to ensure optimum retention is being achieved by both artist and client.



The Perfect Mega Volume Fan:


The one advantage to a Mega Volume fan is that it allows for some flexibility - perfect spacing is not critical to create a beautiful, full look. Of course, the spacing will vary slightly between lashes, and also from fan to fan, yet once applied to the natural lash this will only enhance the allure of the set. The focus of the fan should be more about balance. If you were to imagine a line down the middle of the fan, there would be roughly the same amount of lashes on each side. For example,if you had approximately 12-15 lashes in a fan, the balance would be roughly 6-8 lashes per side.


Although symmetry within each individual lash in your Mega Volume isn’t important, consistency with the width of each Mega Volume fan is the best way to achieve a symmetrical set. 


Exactness is not necessary, so don’t get caught up in counting each lash. The most important thing to remember is that each lash should be pointing the same direction and to keep your lash bases tight. This will allow for best practice when dipping into the adhesive and applying the fan to the natural lash.


Both Volume and Mega Volume fan creation is challenging and requires a lot of time, effort, practice, and patience. In the beginning, focus on the most important aspects of creating a fan such as balance, tight and pointed bases, and keeping all the lashes facing the same direction. This will help create consistency in your fans and will become easier and faster with practice. 





Did you know by including retail in your business you can increase your revenue by 30% without increasing your clientele?
That means if you do 3 Mega Volume fills in one day and sell aftercare products to each of those clients, essentially you will be making the same as doing 4+ Mega Volume fills that day-and you didn’t have to work any extra time.



Benefits of Retail:


Your clients will be able to take care of their lashes like you’ve always dreamed of.
Your revenue will increase drastically.
Your clients will be educated and know that you care about them and their lashes. 



What To Retail?:


Lash Detox
Lash Cleanser
Deep Cleanser
Cleansing Wipes
Cleansing Mitts
Lash Brush and/Combo Brush
Gel Patches
Infinity Lash--Lash Growth Serum
Bella Wellness



Educating Your Clients:


The best way to sell retail is to simply educate your clients on products you have tried and that you love. They trust you with their lashes so they will trust you with how to take care of their lashes. Understanding the benefits of different products will help you sell them by simply talking to your clients and educating them.